The St Mawgan Steam & Vintage Rally raises money in support of charitable causes. Each year all profits are donated to nominated charities.


For 2016 over £10,000 was raised for were Help Izzy Walk, Children's Hospice Southwest and Cancer Research UK.

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A campaign to raise £80,000 to help fund SDR,

a life changing spinal operation to help Izzy walk.


Fund raising through Just4Children

Registered Charity No. 1164473


If you would like any further information please contact ursulapearce@hotmail.com


Their Story


We are a family from St Columb Major, Cornwall. This new year we will be starting a series of fundraising events to raise £80.000 for our daughter Izzy Pearce to have SDR, a life changing spinal operation which will hopefully help Izzy walk.


Izzy is a bright, happy, cheeky 5 year old girl, who loves to sing and dance. She's a pupil at St. Columb Major Academy.


Izzy is one of identical twins and she has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. This means she has increased muscle tone and her legs are constantly stiff (spasticity), she suffers from pain and also has difficulty with leg movements, coordination and balance.


Because of her condition, Izzy cannot walk or even stand unaided.


Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a life changing complex spinal operation, the only surgical procedure that permanently reduces or eliminates stiffness and spasticity in the legs.

Spasticity causes a lot of pain, and over time, shortening of muscles and tendons, joints contractures and bone deformities.


This is not a cure for Cerebral Palsy but without the spasticity, Izzy will be given the chance to improve her range of movements and, with intensive physiotherapy, strengthen her muscles, hopefully giving her the opportunity to walk.


The results from SDR are simply incredible and children that were told they would never walk, are not only walking, they are running, jumping and dancing too.


This operation could potentially mean the difference between Izzy walking independently and her being wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. SDR is not currently available under the NHS.


The money raised will pay for surgery, travel and accommodation costs, prolonged intensive post op rehab physiotherapy and equipment to build a mini home gym.


All we want is to give Izzy the best chance to be able to run around with her twin sister (her best friend!) and be able do all the things we all take for granted.


Every bit of help, whether large or small, will take us one step closer to getting the surgery our daughter so desperately needs.



Little Harbour hospice is absolutely committed to making the most of short and precious lives.


Part of the Children's South West Hospice group Registered Charity No. 1003314  


If you would like any further information please contact enquiries@chsw.org.uk


Their Story


The Children’s Hospice South West Precious Lives Appeal, to open a new hospice to support the families of Plymouth and Cornwall, was launched at the beginning of September 2007 and on 5 September 2011 the announcement was made that the appeal target had been reached.


Little Harbour is set in a spectacular coastal location overlooking St. Austell Bay with beautiful views out to sea. Designed and built with a view to celebrating Cornish building traditions and its close proximity to the sea, Little Harbour has the feel of a ‘holiday home’ in a relaxed seaside setting.


Little Harbour opened its doors to its first families in December 2011 and is most conveniently situated for families who live in Cornwall, Plymouth and parts of South Devon.




At Little Harbour as with all our hospices, families will discover individual children’s bedrooms, accommodation for parents and siblings, a wide range of play and therapy facilities – including a messy play area, a Jacuzzi and a multi-sensory room – and a homely family kitchen and living room.


Teenagers also get their own special space where they can surf the net, play music and be themselves, whilst our games room is a place for chilling out and taking a few minutes to beat dad at pool.




24 hour palliative care and end of life care for the child.

Care for parents, plus well brothers and sisters.

Support in bereavement and beyond.

And in the night, when the rest of the world is asleep, a listening ear at the end of the telephone.


Little Harbour is a home-from-home.  A place where each family member can find time and space to feel normal and do the things they enjoy as a Mum, as a Dad, as a brother or sister: as a family, not overwhelmingly as a carer.


What we offer is far from the incredibly sad places many imagine hospices to be.


Everyone at Children's Hospice South West gives their all to ensure that children who will not reach adulthood have a safe, happy and relaxing place that they love to visit, and that their parents and siblings get all the help and support they need.




Cancer Research is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. CR saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and survival has doubled over the past 40 years.


Every day in the UK there are more than 400 people diagnosed with cancer that will survive the disease for more than 10 years thanks to research.


Cancer Research fund research into more than 200 types of cancer, including the one that’s most important to you. From the most common – such as breast, bowel, lung and prostate cancers – to rare types of tumour and children’s cancers, we support groundbreaking science that benefits everyone.


Find out more about our research by the cancer types below


Read more at http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/our-research/our-research-by-cancer-type#t1ruDbjq7BW0g8Bu.99